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Why My Biz Media?

My Biz Media provides versatile solutions to meet your digital content creation needs including live multi-camera streaming production, development, production, and distribution, all within your budget. We are confident that with our services across the board, you can expect quality and a fair price. Not to mention we work as a team with your needs in mind!


Photography • Videography • Content Creation • Real estate Streaming • Event Streaming • Funeral Streaming/Recording • TV commercials • Event Coverage • Product Photos and Vide • Headshots • Training Video • Corporate Videos and much more.

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This is what every consumer wants to know first, so we put it first for your convenience! We keep it simple. We encourage price shopping. We are confident that with our services across the board, you can expect quality and a great price. Not to mention we work as a team with your needs in mind!


Generic photos look generic. Our photos not only look great, but they also personalize the website, cards, brochures, and social media. It looks more professional and separates our clients from their competition. 


Why use video? Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. They grab the viewer’s attention, and studies prove that they produce a much higher retaining rate. In addition, we get our videos listed higher with search engine optimization.

A well-prepared pre-production meeting = less shooting time = money saved! We provide a  free consultation meeting, to put together the best approach posable. With careful planning, your video will deliver the best points needed, providing the results you need!

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We video stream out your event of the guest allowed at the event due to restrictions. We bring the remaining guests unable to attend the event. All guests at the event are able to converse!


The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented number of eyes turned to social media. As such, your company’s social media visibility is more important than ever before. The right social media presence with current content will grow both your business and your bottom line. We want to help you meet this challenge. We create media that not only grabs the attention of your followers but compels them to share that content with others. 
How is this accomplished? Our social media postings are all 100% original content created by our talented filmmakers and photographers. We engage your target audience by designing media reflective of their browsing habits and use it to get them excited about what your business has to offer. Our dynamic, high-quality content entertains and informs your existing followers on top of showcasing your business to potential new clients and customers. The content we design and produce makes viewers want to stop, read, watch and listen to your postings as well as to share them with others bringing you measurable results!


• Initial meetings to determine your current level of social media and business needs and details

• Up to 35 social media postings monthly for your social media platforms.

• A Vimeo gallery for viewing, archiving and downloading all videos created.

• All videos created are uploaded to your YouTube channel.

• SEO boost with effective meta tags added to all the content we create.

• A gallery of videos on your website.

• Strategic planning to make sure all posts are as effective and engaging as possible.

• Data Analytics of the visits to your social media pages.




This social media video was used to help raise over $1.8 million to build a larger church for their growing congregation. In 6 months!



We offer our affordable and professional videography and photography skills to capture your real estate. Share our quality video, or photos, on your website or social media with potential customers. 

We are here to help keep buyers, sellers, and agents safe through live streaming virtual open houses on the social media platform, while getting people what’s needed quickly! Social media, websites and YouTube Channels ETC… A guided tour shows every detail while answering questions on the fly.

How does it work?

Dates and times are chosen for the agents to promote. Once live, every nook and cranny, chosen by the seller and agent gets streamed and recorded. Agents can also go on a live-streaming spree, touring up to10 homes throughout the day.  

Studies have shown over a 400% increase in interest with a tour video.  It allows people to shop around with no obligations. Pricing, neighborhood and what the landlord is like, it’s all covered. Think of the time realtors save with many people simultaneously going on a tour. 

lead Capturing

So with about 50% of buyers finding their home online, and agents are used for around 90% of the buyers, think of what a  virtual open house would do for capture leads with people liking and commenting. Agents will know of potential buyers!

Realtors can build even more trust with the audience!

Potential buyers can get to feel comfortable with agents before ever meeting. Agents are given the opportunity to show their personality, make it memorable, convey honesty plus how they bring value to the audience.


Price rangse from $300 –  $5,000. It depends on the size of the home and how many camera oporators are used.
We use a profesional steady-cam rigs and high-quality wirless microphones.

HDR Photo Shoot at $125.00 per house.

Shooting time takes about 1 hour for an average-size home.
  • Photos of all rooms desired. [See samples below]
  • Mobile-friendly media webpage (including all of your houses)

Virtual Walkthrough Video at $75 per house of all rooms desired.

  • Royalty-free music added to the video
  • Wireless mic, on the person, presenting
  • Video branded with your logo

Optional Add- ons

  • Drone photos and or video $95 per house
  • Logo updating/design
  • Voiceovers
  • Actors
  • Custom-built mobile-friendly website
  • Marketing

Drone Video & Tour Sample

Sample VideoS

Drone Video & Tour Sample

Virtual Video Tour Sample

Sample Photos

live Streaming services

We video stream out your event of the guest allowed at the event due to restrictions. We bring the remaining guests unable to attend the event.  All guests at the event are able to converse!

At the location of your choice or at an event, we can edit up to 8 professional cameras with the option of 8 camera operators. We consult with your team to ensure we are prepared to bring the equipment needed for the best result possible.  From lighting, sound amplification, backdrops or any other equipment needed, rest assured we will take care o it all.



We don’t have an office or employees. We are a group of friends, all experts in our fields, working together to help businesses experience growth. You can pay the separate fees that come along with hiring several different businesses, or have My Biz Media help you with all your media and marketing needs for much less.

When choosing My Biz Media, it’s like having all your doctors in one office, with your specific needs in mind. We don’t sell you on our well-produced videos, photos, websites, etc, we analyze your business and provide effective marketing assistance that notably increases your bottom line. We just happen to provide customized high-quality media marketing tools that work!


We start by asking how we can exceed the goals and needs of our clients. Taking a psychological approach is the most effective way to best grab the attention of the targeted audience.



We know how to create prestige while providing excellent service and unbelievable results! We truly know what we are doing and aim to exceed the client’s expectations by over 100%.




Our team

Shawn Mills

Photo/Video guy

Shawn founded the company back in 1993. He specializes in videography, photography and design. He lives in Somerset, with his wife and three kids. The satisfaction of knowing he is fair and genuine with his clients, allows him to confidently rest his head at night. This isn’t just a business to him.

Carl Baxter

Creative consultant

Carl heads our creative team and brings the party. On screen or behind the scenes, his big personality is eclipsed only by his complete lack of subtlety. Outside the box thinking and making your branding stick with your viewers are his specialty. Just don’t get him talking about cars…

Mike Fitzgerald


Mike embodies the phrase ‘You can’t teach enthusiasm.’ Since starting out making camcorder movies as a hobby when he was a kid, he now works in roles on the audio, video, production and creative ends of what production and creative ends of what we do!

Rob Mills

videographer /editor

Rob is a self-taught audio video mastermind. Whether he’s shooting Super VHS or cutting edge digital 4K wearing a steady cam rig heavy enough to destroy cheaply made furniture, Rob does whatever it takes to get the shots and has a great time doing it. He’s a tech enthusiast, and loves to create cinematic images. 


Photo/Video guy

John lives in Fairhaven, MA with his wife and two boys. Experienced, versatile photographer and videographer with an eye for unique photography of all kinds. John enjoys providing high quality images that often exceed the clients expectations.

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