Event Media Coverage

When you invest a considerable sum into orchestrating an event, it’s only logical to ensure that every significant moment is not just experienced but captured. Event highlights coverage lets you encapsulate these memories and revisit them whenever desired. Think about it: the heartwarming exchanges, the inspiring speeches, the jubilant celebrations—all captured in stunning detail, ready to transport you back to that moment in time with just the click of a button. With event highlights coverage, you’re not just preserving memories; you’re preserving emotions, connections, and the essence of your event. But the benefits don’t stop there. You can use the content of the event across your digital marketing and social media platforms. Share snippets of the event, standout presentation moments, audiences’ emotions and behind-the-scenes glimpses

Event Highlights: (Starts – $2500)

From the early stages of preparation to the final moments of your event, our team will be there to capture every important detail. With a keen eye for storytelling, we’ll curate the best shots, soundbites from the presenters, and the option to interview guests and personnel with arranged questions. The final video will be set to music with the option to enhance your video with graphics, titles, and your animated company logo for an extra touch of professionalism.

Presentation Video: (Starts – $4000)

We will start with a pre-production meeting to decide on the direction and style of the presentation video, which can include interviews, shots of staff products, 2 locations within 40 minutes of each other, and past company photos provided by the company.

Preparation Day / Timelapse Highlights: $1500

We will timelapse the room’s transformation and get shots of personnel setting up, with the option of interviewing the personnel. This video can be used to open the highlight video.

Same Day Edit: $1000

We can incorporate clips from the event day, highlight recordings, and add them to the presentation video. This creates a wow effect for the guests, knowing the clips from the day of the event were just recorded and worked into the presentation video. Some of the interviews in the sample video were recorded at the school the day of the presentation.