Our Team

Shawn Mills

Photo/Video guy

Shawn founded the company back in 1993. He specializes in videography, photography and design. He lives in Somerset, with his wife and three kids. The satisfaction of knowing he is fair and genuine with his clients, allows him to confidently rest his head at night. This isn’t just a business to him.

Carl Baxter

Creative consultant

Carl heads our creative team and brings the party. On screen or behind the scenes, his big personality is eclipsed only by his complete lack of subtlety. Outside the box thinking and making your branding stick with your viewers are his specialty. Just don’t get him talking about cars…

Keshab Bhandari


Keshab embodies the phrase ‘You can’t teach enthusiasm.’ Since starting out making camcorder movies as a hobby when he was a kid, he now works in roles on the audio, video, production and creative ends of what production and creative ends of what we do!

Rob Mills

videographer /editor

Rob is a self-taught audio video mastermind. Whether he’s shooting Super VHS or cutting edge digital 4K wearing a steady cam rig heavy enough to destroy cheaply made furniture, Rob does whatever it takes to get the shots and has a great time doing it. He’s a tech enthusiast, and loves to create cinematic images. 


Photo/Video guy

John lives in Fairhaven, MA with his wife and two boys. Experienced, versatile photographer and videographer with an eye for unique photography of all kinds. John enjoys providing high quality images that often exceed the clients expectations.


Production assistant

Andre Gadbois resides in Somerset, Massachusetts, sharing his home with his husband, Shaun Pacheco, and his loving daughter, Chayse. Andre attended Palm Beach State College, earning his degree in Motion Picture Production and his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He spent two summers traveling the East Coast while filming a docu series about an 80-foot tattoo studio on wheels. Andre also has theater director experience and worked with the TV star Cesar Milan on The Dog Whisperer. Andre is valued by our entire team and continues to amaze us by staying five steps ahead of every aspect.