Real Estate


We are here to help keep buyers, sellers, and agents safe through live streaming virtual open houses on the social media platforms, while getting people what’s needed quickly! A guided tour shows every detail while answering questions on the fly.

How does it work?

Dates and times are chosen for the agents to promote. Once live, every nook and cranny selected by the seller and agent gets streamed and recorded. Agents can also go on a live-streaming spree, touring up to 10 homes throughout the day.

Studies have shown over a 400% increase in interest with a tour video. It allows people to shop around with no obligations. Pricing, neighborhood, and what the landlord is like it’s all covered. Think of the time realtors save with many people simultaneously on tour.

Lead Capturing

So with about 50% of buyers finding their home online, and agents are used for around 90% of the buyers, think of what a virtual open house would do to capture leads with people liking and commenting. Agents will know of potential buyers!

Realtors can build even more trust with the audience

Potential buyers can get to feel comfortable with agents before every meeting. Agents can show their personality, make it memorable, convey honesty, and how they bring value to the audience.


Price ranges from $300 – $5,000 depending on the size of the home and how many camera operators are needed. We use professional steady-cam rigs and high-quality wireless microphones.


Studies have shown over a 400% increase in interest with a tour video.
We offer our affordable and professional videography and photography skills to capture your real estate. Share our quality video, or photos, on your website or social media with potential customers.

Drone Video & Tour Examples

Virtual Walkthrough Video

  • Royalty-free music added to the video
  • Wireless mic, on the person, presenting
  • Video branded with your logo

Optional Add-ons

  • Drone photos and or video
  • Logo updating/design
  • Voiceovers
  • Actors
  • Custom-built mobile-friendly website
  • Marketing

HDR Photo Shoot

Shooting time takes about 1 hour for an average-size home.
  • Photos of all rooms desired. [See samples below]
  • Mobile-friendly media webpage (including all of your houses)