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BizWrapper Safety and Security Film for Schools in New England

By becoming a school sponsor, local business owners have a unique opportunity to gain positive exposure for their company from a large, engaged audience. At BizWrapper, the safety of children and staff in schools is our top priority. Sadly, active shooter events are on the rise. Even with the highest quality lock or alarm system, a building remains penetrable if the windows can be easily broken. BizWrapper is proud to be assist schools in New England, providing solutions to fortify windows and glass. We are committed to helping schools create a safer learning environment for all.   

Our product line consists of DefenseLite® security products that provide security through delay into a space and protecting against ballistic attacks providing valuable time for security and first responders to react to unforeseen attacks. Our other product, BulletShield is a clear proprietary polycarbonate shield that offers ballistic resistance at a cost-effective price point.

The key benefits are:

  • Affordable bullet resistant protection
  • Installs into any existing glazing system
  • Reduces street noise by up to 40%
  • Improves energy efficiency of the existing glass by 50%
  • Cost effective price point



Our school window film solutions for safety and security provide shatterproof and ballistic resistance for school building windows in the event of an active shooter or brute forced entry. 

Glass Protection

Our glass protection window film solutions for schools prevent injury due to spontaneous glass breakage, or guard against vandalism of interior and exterior windows with anti-graffiti technology.

Sun Control

Sun Control window films for schools control excessive heat and sun glare to maintain a naturally lit environment that’s comfortable, glare-free, and UV-resistant for students and teachers alike.

Energy Savings

Upgrading your school’s windows and glass doors with 3M window films can significantly reduce heating and cooling expenses and yield a positive ROI from energy savings in as little as 3 years.


BizWrapper can  install a wide variety of 3M privacy window films for school buildings including smart/switchable, one-way, frosted, mirrored, and blackout films.

Custom Design

Increase the appeal of your school’s interior or exterior windows, doors, walls, floors, ceilings and more with high resolution film or custom wall graphics installation from the experts at BizWrapper

Our Solutions


DefenseLite is a clear security glazing system that installs over existing window and door glass creating a layer of protection designed to ‘keep the bad guys out.’ A patented technology, the DefenseLite overglaze is 250 times stronger than glass, nearly invisible once installed and an affordable solution that works to mitigate criminal attacks. Utilizing proprietary high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields, vented aluminum extrusions, multi-layer thin films, tough structural adhesives, VHB tapes and security tipped anchors, DefenseLite is an engineered forced-entry solution that combines the best of materials science with an efficient retrofit installation

Polycarbonate Security Glazing System

With episodes of smash-and-grab crime, forced entry, and political vandalism on the rise, protect what’s important to you with DefenseLite security glazing.

  • Stop unwanted entry through glass
  • Protect your inventory from theft
  • Protect your store (and your brand) from glass-related damage and unwanted attention
  • Enhance security where grills and gates are not the answer
  • Improves glass insulation by 2.5 timesr
  • Reduces sound transfer by 50 percent
  • Safeguard against hurricane winds and airborn debris
  • Reduces fading from UV rays by 99%
  • Stops all handgun bullets when Bulletshield is added to system
  • Blast mitigation options available


“Body Armor for Windows,” our proprietary BulletShield polycarbonate shields offer impressive ballistic resistance at a fraction of the cost. Designed to protect the most targeted area of a building – the glass.

BulletShield bullet resistant glass security panels are a:

  • Patented, professionally installed glazing security system
  • Retrofit existing windows, doors, storefronts and curtainwall
  • Customized solution that costs far less than full bullet-resistant reglaze

BulletShield is an ideal bullet resistant glass solution for buildings most vulnerable to ballistic threats:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Offices
  • Government Buildings & Police Stations
  • Retail Storefronts

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Why Become a School Sponsor?

BizWrapper works with local business sponsors interested in supporting their local school security programs. Our professional photographers, videographers designers, security team and installers work together to produce a unique, comprehensive security program to meet all of your schools security requirements. From securing the outer and internal glass with ballistic resistant and shatterproof glass, to wrapping the outer glass with perforated vinyl that can block people from seeing into the classroom while providing full view from within.  We work with local and federal organizations to assure that all laws and regulations are followed. 

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  • Logo Displayed on School Window
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  •  Logo Displayed on School Window
  • Social Media Recognition
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