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Biz Wrapper Safety and Security for windows and auto locking doors for Schools

By becoming a school sponsor, local business owners have a unique opportunity to gain positive exposure for their company from a large, engaged audience. At BizWrapper, the safety of children and staff in schools is our top priority. Sadly, active shooter events are on the rise. Even with the highest quality lock or alarm system, a building remains penetrable if the windows can be easily broken. BizWrapper is proud to be assist schools in New England, providing solutions to fortify windows and glass. We are committed to helping schools create a safer learning environment for all.   

Our product line consists of security products that provide security through delay into a space and protecting against ballistic attacks providing valuable time for security and first responders to react to unforeseen attacks. 

Safety First Program

Riot Glass

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How it works so well

Heavy tools such as sledgehammers or objects hurled through the air by tornado-force winds have devastating effects on standard building materials. For a retrofit security glazing system to withstand these forces for a prolonged period, Riot Glass engineers spent many hours of trial by error testing to slowly develop our unique, patented framing systems that have features that absorb kinetic energy and allow it to dissipate before it can begin to weaken extrusions, fasteners, and the existing glazing system it is attached to. Our products have endured relentless laboratory and real-life tests that have shown the effectiveness of our products, repeatedly and reliably.

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Why Become a School Sponsor?

BizWrapper works with local business sponsors interested in supporting their local school security programs. Our professional photographers, videographers designers, security team and installers work together to produce a unique, comprehensive security program to meet all of your schools security requirements. From securing the outer and internal glass with ballistic resistant and shatterproof glass, to wrapping the outer glass with perforated vinyl that can block people from seeing into the classroom while providing full view from within.  We work with local and federal organizations to assure that all laws and regulations are followed. 

Grant Program

Biz Wrapper has partnered with Partners in Philanthropy Advisors to help get grants so we can help more schools.

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