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Posting Content

What grabs your attention on Social Media? Don’t let your content bled in. Video is proven to work the best! People need to be entertained in 8 seconds with emotions with humor or something heartfelt. We have a creative team to customize your effective video content.

Organic Social Media

Our creative content will create a reason for people to share your engaging content. Shares can be seen on people’s personal Facebook pages unlike postings on a business Facebook page.

Marketing your content

Awesome content will go much further when managed by a professional team. We teamed up with The Spark Social out of Providence RI, to ensure that your scheduled content gets the most out of our efforts on all platforms of Social Media.

Facebook Live Program

We turn social media into a professional TV show with the perfect program loaded with share-worthy content.  Guests on the show can join in person or virtually through Zoom on your Facebook live stream. The recorded stream will be broken down into short soundbites then scheduled on social media platforms. It’s best to create a video gallery of past episodes displayed on your website and create a YouTube channel that will help your search engine optimization.

The power of related Facebook Groups

Let’s say you are accepted to many Facebook groups that consist of your ideal targeted audience for your product or services. We will then stream live to your Facebook page plus all of the Facebook group pages.



The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented number of eyes turned to social media. The right social media presence with current content will grow both your business and your bottom line. We want to help you meet this challenge.
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