Amazing Local Performances! Thousands of Live Views! Gain Exposure!

Sponsorship slots for the Aerosmith Tribute event will be closing on 08/18.

(50% Off Sponsor Packages for Draw The Line, Aerosmith tribute only on (08/20)

Claim your slot now before they fill up!

You Are Invited To Become a Sponsor!

Sponsors have an amazing opportunity to gain positive exposure for their company from a large, engaged audience. Join our weekly live stream of local tribute band performances, hosted by The District Performance Art Center in Taunton, MA.

 Please watch the video below to learn more!

What Do Sponsors Receive?

My Biz Media staff works with sponsors to produce an introduction video with interactive trivia questions, shot from their location of choice. All necessary videos can be recorded in one session. During the live stream, your company’s logo and pre-recorded interactive video will be broadcast live. Viewers tuning in will be able to participate and answer your trivia questions. You will also have the opportunity to represent your company and announce the trivia game winners on stage at the performance or virtually through the live stream.

Sponsors also have the opportunity to request additional services alongside the live stream event.

Additional Services Offered To Sponsors:

  • Website Content (Photo and Video)
  • Social Media Content (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Promotional Videos/Commercials
  • FAQ Video Galleries
  • Photography Sessions (Product Photos, Staff Headshots, and more!)

Sponsorship Packages:

All events are hosted on The District’s Facebook page and are shared with multiple partnering Facebook groups. Members of these groups will tune in for a larger potential audience.

There are two different sponsorship packages we offer:

Indoor Event Package

$100 Per Event

Outdoor Event Package

$300 Per Event


About The District Center For The Arts:

The transformation of the abandoned Bristol County first district court to the District Center For The Arts has been a great addition to the city of Taunton’s arts and culture. The courthouse went from a cold, dark building to a vibrant, energetic center in downtown. This amazing transformation has motivated many local businesses and county buildings to bring the surrounding neighborhood back to life. The District is now well known for being a place where you can enjoy live music, comedy shows, outdoor concerts, and many other entertaining events. As a bonus, all shows are accompanied with delicious food and drinks! The District is partnering with My Biz Media to share the live experience with those who are watching from the comfort of their own homes. We are very proud to bring life, energy, and vitality back to the hub of Bristol County.



Visit The District Center Facebook page to learn more.

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Please reach out to us for more information about becoming a sponsor.