Content Creation


Professional-looking photos and videos on social media today is not enough anymore. It's time to make your social media postings more effective. Stick it! We know how to increase comments, likes, shares, clicks, and most importantly shares! Stop • Look • Inspire • Reaction • Spark Intrigue Engaged viewers = followers.

Content styles

Event Coverage

We can't recommend businesses to host your own events enough. With the endless kinds of events that are loaded with incredible benefits. We thrive at events by creating promotional videos to promote your event, document the event with video interviews and endless video opportunities for social media postings. We also take photos of your guests as a proven way to drive a lot of traffic to your social media.

Fireside Chats

We refer to fireside chats as a way to record content for an entire month of engaging content in a short amount of time.

Media Applications

Documentary • Funny skits • Dynamic photo design • Educational videos • Interviews of staff • Educational videos • Testimonial interviews • Live streaming • Live studio edits • Sales Funnels • Testimonial interviews • Live streaming • Live studio edits • YouTube commercials • TV Commercials

It's all about great content

With the growth of social media as a major form of advertisement, it can be a challenge to create a social media presence. Our job is to create content that will entertain your current audience and attract new fans by giving them a reason to check back for more! Humor is also effective. Our content compels your viewers to share your custom content with others. Shared organic social media marketing is effective and priceless. 

How is this done?  We engage your audience, speaking directly to them and getting them excited about what your business has to offer.  We accomplish this with the dynamic, high-quality content that will catch the attention of your audience. Our social media postings are all original content created by our talented filmmakers and photographers.  Our postings help highlight your business, engaging your clients and customers in a unique way, and showcasing your business to potential customers. The content that we design and create compels your followers to stop, read, listen and watch your post and then to share it with others, bringing you desired results.  

What you get with all of our packages:

  • Initial meetings to determine your current level of social media and business needs and details.

  • Up to 15 social media video postings monthly for your social media platforms.

  • A Vimeo gallery for viewing, archiving and downloading all videos created.

  • All videos created are uploaded to your YouTube channel.

  • SEO boost with effective metatags added to all the content we create.

  • A gallery of videos on your website.

  • Strategic planning to make sure all posts are as effective and engaging as possible.

  • Data Analytics of the visits to your social media pages.

Monthly Packages

Engaging content $800. Whether it’s your team sitting around with each other, or walking around on the job being interviewed, we will make sure the content is engaging as possible.

On camera talent: $300 day rate. Our talented person of choice can make sure the engaging or dynamic content recordings are full of energy and emotion. Whether he or she needs to roll around on the floor, pretend to be a team member or conduct interviews in a fireside chat, you can expect content that will dramatically increase your organic reach on social media.

Behind the scenes camera operator: $ 300-day rate.  The additional shooter can get great moments while recording with your team. Bloopers and chaos can be very entertaining. The potential to double the amount of content is there with this option. 

Dynamic content recording: $300 per hour. This is where we pull out all the stops! We are known to represent your business appropriately while pushing it to the limit without crossing the line depending on your industry. If its emotion without humor, our creative team will bring out the most emotion possible. If we are going for humor, don’t worry, we won’t have your team do anything they would not feel comfortable doing. That's what our on-camera talent is for LOL! Content determines the length of the recording time. We usually get what is needed within 5 hours for the entire month of content.

Photography is very important to mix into your monthly schedule. We help design custom images designed to stand out from all the other business postings. Wy post ordinary well-designed images? Our creative photographers will make sure your image postings stand out!  A price is determined after a consultation. 

Formatting and planning for different social media formats: Social media requirements are changing all the time. We make sure to create different lengths in mind along with dimensions that are created and ready to post, depending on how many formats you plan to use. There is an additional $50 charge per platform, depending on what formats are chosen.

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